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We understand the anxiety all parents feel when leaving their child for the first time.  Beginning school is a big step for a child of any age.    When you arrive at Little Links to Learning’s family center, you will immediately notice the calm and peaceful setting.  It has always been our goal to break away from the institutional feel and provide a more home like setting that helps a child feel secure.

Little Links to Learning strives to link all facets of education and play, laying the foundation for continued development and growth in each child.

Every child is given a backpack and daily log where parents can find all the information about their child’s day, as well as communicate any significant messages they feel would benefit the teacher’s ability in caring for their child.

Parents should feel free to stop by any time during the day as well as email or telephone us should the need arise.



Our delightful infant room is designed to visually stimulate your baby and create a relaxing atmosphere with its soft yet cheerful décor.  With the latest in infant accessories as well as the Angelcare monitoring system, your baby will be safe and secure in a space designed to meet their every want and need.

Our infant care specialists are dedicated to bonding with your child and developing a loving environment while building a valuable trust with their parents.



Toddlers are full of spirit and vigor and are curious about the world that surrounds them.  Every experience is a learning opportunity and our teachers take full advantage these teaching moments.

This is the beginning of their educational foundation and therefore, we at Little Links to Learning take their learning experiences above the simple standard teachings of letters, numbers and colors.   We appreciate every child’s skill level and develop teaching styles that accommodate each child’s learning potential


Beginning preschoolers
Children of this age are beginning to express their feelings and are encouraged to do so in a calm and productive manner.  They are inquisitive about the world around them and are full of questions that never go unanswered.   Little Links to Learning is happy to provide hands on experiences to the "how’s", why’s and what’s of life.

The teachers utilize an abundant supply of sophisticated educational toys, games and activities readily provided throughout the family center’s home-like environment to excite, entertain and foster a love of learning in each child.   



Preschoolers are eager to express their perception of the world and their daily encounters and are willing to articulate their observations and ideas.  

We find their description of the world very insightful which at times teaches us about life.  These ideas are valued here at Little Links to Learning and children are encouraged to fulfill their dreams.    

Preschoolers love to investigate and experiment through activities that cultivate critical thinking, physical activity, communication skills and social development.



Good nutrition is an important part of a child’s growth and creates an overall healthy lifestyle.   Teaching children to eat healthy is a primary focus at Little Links to Learning.  We offer a 7 week rotating menu which does not include hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken nuggets or French fries.  However, you will find plenty of fresh fruits and veggies including eggplant, squash, mangos, peppers, broccoli, asparagus, dragon fruit, papaya and other fruits and vegetables when in season.

Presented with enthusiasm, even picky eaters gain a sense of accomplishment when they try these new foods and after two or three times, they are actually surprised to find that they enjoy them.   

It is true that "Children learn what they live" which is why we feel that good manners are important building blocks to becoming successful adults.  Therefore, our Mind Your Manners program teaches our young children to be kind and respectful to others.  Beyond the normal "please" and "thank you", boys are taught to pull out chairs and hold doors for the girls, and everyone is taught to say "excuse me ", when they want your attention and how to introduce people to each other .

Mocking Behavior
The ability of a child to observe, translate, and express behavior shown around them is remarkable.  Even adults tend to mock the behavior of others in their presence.  Paying it forward is a lesson which can never be taught enough.  Studies have shown that when people demonstrate this type of behavior it has a definite ripple effect.  With the world as it is today, what better lesson can we all learn and what better place to start then with our young.


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