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Childcare at Little Links to Learning is more than just looking after your child. It is a commitment to unprecedented care in a state-of-the-art facility that is unlike any center in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.

Little Links to Learning links parents and teachers together to help children become successful adults. We are committed to teaching children to choose a healthier lifestyle by providing them with better food choices. We work with parents to provide consistent discipline, with positive reinforcement, between home and school to develop a child’s ability to work well with others, to identify accountability in all situations and interactions and to enhance their overall social skills.

We encourage character building by amplifying each child’s ability to be aware of the importance of using their personal strengths to help others. We teach the children to recognize the value in other people, as well as to become open minded adults. We strive to instill forgotten values and social skills in each child that will complement their impact on society and create a better way of life for all.

We understand the anxiety all parents feel when leaving their child for the first time; and beginning school is a big step for a child of any age. When you arrive at Little Links to Learning’s family center, you will immediately notice the calm and peaceful atmosphere. It has always been our goal to break away from the institutional feel and provide a more home like setting that helps a child feel secure.

The world has become so technically oriented, and children have become so over indulged with it, that they have forgotten how to explore the world hands on. This has resulted in limited imaginations and has compromised personal creativity and individuality. Although, technology is wonderful, people have forgotten that we have doors and windows for a reason: to go outside, to explore the world around them, to be imaginative, creative, and to think outside the box. This is something that we are committed to allowing the children to experience often.

We also feel technology has hindered our ability to effectively communicate with others on an individual level. We look at the child’s big picture of life and not just tomorrow, or next week. We feel it is important for children to learn appropriate communication skills to assist them in the future professional life.

Our goal at Little Links to Learning is to give each child the skills they need to reach their personal best in life- and this includes providing an equal balance of hands-on activities, academic challenges, indoor/outdoor exploration, technology- and so much more. We believe every opportunity is a learning opportunity!

Our teachers have been carefully selected for their educational background and experience as well as their dedication to helping children grow into successful, well balanced adults. The teachers feel called to use their time and talents for the benefit of children and have made a conscience decision to make this their life’s work. Our teachers are committed to helping every child in the family center and feel that every child is their responsibility. They are very passionate about their chosen career and with warm and nurturing attitudes, they welcome the opportunity to inspire and guide our future.

Our teachers believe that in order to adequately teach you must also be willing to learn. Therefore, our teachers are excited about the Little Links to Learning Professional Development plan which will benefit their training in the area of Early Childhood Education. We go above and beyond the state required training hours.

Your child’s safety is top priority at Little Links to Learning. Our family center is equipped with many security amenities to ease the parent’s minds, while keeping their child’s safety our main focus.

We have an ADT™ security system which assures your child’s protection by keeping visitors without enrolled children, from accessing the building. We also offer video monitoring with cameras located throughout the premises.

For your peace of mind, the Angelcare® movement monitor is installed on all infant cribs and alerts our dedicated staff in the event of a medical emergency while your child is sleeping. It detects every movement the baby makes and the alarm will sound if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.

All staff are professionally trained and certified in CPR and First Aid and our center is located immediately adjacent to Pediatric Partners of Northern Kentucky. We are also within the city of Ft. Wright, which employs full time paramedics with a response time of 30 to 60 seconds to our location as they are only ½ a mile away.

Our program goes above and beyond the general expectation for preschoolers. We provide an education foundation that fosters a love of learning in each child from age 6 weeks through preschool. Little Links to Learning offers children a unique learning experience in a loving, family-like environment.

Making a difference in the world- one child at a time!

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